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Hey there!
I just joined this community and I thik its a great Idea! I'm really into writing and Photography, you know a trying to find yourself kind of thing and thats art to me, finding yourself, learning more about the person you are. So anyway If I mess up sorry I'm new at this thing lol. Okay so here are some random pictures I took. The museCollapse )

Knitting porn

Hi there! This is my first post to the site, and I wanted to mention that I just started a site,

I'm looking for submitters who like knitting (or photographers who know kinitters). So far in just five days, we've had nearly 300 hits. I'm looking more for sexy, knit-related photos than for porn, but you've got to have a catchy name :)

Please check it out if you have a sec and let me know what you think. Thank you!

Ani DiFranco - women should be allies an

still thinking of the title

Tie me, take us, use you
To break us.
Hurt me, bind we, use you
To fake us.

Wear me, wean us, use you
To hide from.
Slide up, ride up, cover you
To make us.

Swear you, curse at, I stab
To hurt me.
Cover me, plaster we, heal the three

That broke us.

you lost the reason, i killed the rhyme, we saw the logic,
The thief in time.